KiLynn (Ki) Tan.

KiLynn (Ki) Tan (Jakarta, 1960) received his first SLR camera from his father at the age of 12. His father graduated as an architect, but worked as a painter and photographer. At a young age Tan emigrated to the Netherlands with his mother. Although he completed a study at the University of Delft, he is self-taught as a photographer.

In photography, he has not limited himself to just one theme. Tan photographs everything that fascinates him, making his portfolio very broad. KiLynn Tan generally finds his inspiration in Indonesia, where he finds the light, nature and people he needs to translate his vision into photos. Tan has lived in the Netherlands for most of his life and also plays an active role in photography in the Netherlands.

In 2015/2016 Tan won the Grote Paul, named after Paul Huf, with his photo film productions after his participation in the Grote Paul Master classification. He is also the founder of the Click Click Community (CCC), this association of photographers is active in both Indonesia and the Netherlands.